MailStore – Searching The Archive

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mailstore-server-box_300Having troubles finding the exact email you are looking for? Not sure what search criteria you should use? MailStore has a quick search option or an advanced search to ensure that you  find the specific emails you are looking for quickly. Today we have created a comprehensive guide on the different techniques you can use to search your archive of emails in MailStore.

I’ll cover how to do these searches using the MailStore Outlook add-in since this is the most common way users access their archive of emails. You can use these same searching techniques using the web interface or using the MailStore Client application!

After the MailStore Outlook add-in has been installed you will see a new tab in Outlook named “MAILSTORE”. The search field you see here is for quick searching.

MailStore Outlook Add-in


Quick Search

MailStore Quick Search
Quick searching simply means you are going to search all emails in the archive(s) you have access to. You can simply input a word to search for and press ENTER or use some very advanced searches in this quick search field.

Below are search techniques that can be used in the quick search box.

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