How To Get The Best Performance From Alt-N’s SecurityGateway

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SecurityGateway for Email ServersRecently Brad Wyro, who is the marketing specialist with Alt-N Technologies (the developers of SecurityGateway), created a video (approximate run time of 11 minutes) on how to get the best performance out of SecurityGateway. This webinar video provided a lot of great information, but for those who don’t have the time to spare to watch it we have condensed the information in this blog article.

This blog article is intended for both new, and existing SecurityGateway administrators, whether you are deploying a new server or have an existing SecurityGateway server that may not be processing email as quickly as you would like.

Hardware Requirements

When deciding what hardware to install SecurityGateway on make sure you meet the minimum requirements, or better yet, exceed the requirements.

SecurityGateway is an intensive I/O (input/output) application. So using the fastest hard disks possible will help increase performance. You could also consider using a SSD (Solid-State Drive).

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