How To Track An Email In MDaemon’s Log Files

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MDaemonv14_logoIf you are an email server admin then you have most likely needed to open log files to determine if a message was received, or why a message was not sent. Today I hope to make searching for messages a much easier process.

Where does MDaemon store it’s log files?

A default installation of MDaemon will place the MDaemon folder on the root of C drive, but the admin can choose to install MDaemon in any location. If you have a default installation of MDaemon then log files are found in the C:\MDaemon\Logs\ folder.

Not sure where MDaemon is storing your log files? Finding out the storage location of logs can be done by opening the MDaemon GUI and clicking Setup | Server Settings | Logging | Log Mode. This is also the location where you can change where log files are stored.

Log Mode


What log file should I look at?

For the inexperienced simply searching the MDaemon-all.log file is ideal. The “-all” portion of the file name indicates to us that this log file holds all types of logging, except for web server logging. So you will see SMTP, POP3, and IMAP sessions, content filter activity, AV scanning, where messages get routed, etc. If you are not sure what log to look at, and it’s not web server related (i.e. WorldClient) then you are best to just open the MDaemon-all.log file. MDaemon does have separate logs that only contain, for example, SMTP inbound traffic, SMTP outbound traffic, or antivirus logging if you would prefer searching specific logging.

If you are not completely comfortable looking at text based log files you may find MDaemon’s “Queue and Statistics Manager” handy for looking at SMTP/POP3/IMAP logging. I wrote a blog article on this very handy MDaemon tool.

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