How To Backup MDaemon Offsite For Disaster Recovery Using BackupAssist

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Note: This blog article is meant to be a continuation of ‘BackupAssist: Backing up MDaemon’—which creates a backup of all of email as well as your MDaemon configuration. As such, it will reference steps taken in the previous blog and builds onto the configuration previously outlined. This blog also assumes you’ve already configured/have access to an R-Sync server at a remote location.

If you haven’t already configured an R-Sync server, please refer to the linked document below. Please be aware this document is intended to provide a helpful outline for configuring your R-Sync server, we do not officially support the R-Sync server software.


If you’re planning to only utilize the R-Sync job engine in BackupAssist, you may want to consider purchasing the R-Sync Standalone edition which is roughly half the cost of the Core license.

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