SecurityGateway For Email Servers – End User Experience

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SecurityGateway for Email ServersWe recently did a three part series entitled “Getting Started With SecurityGateway”. Did you miss it? Links to each part are below.

Part I    Part II     Part III

The three part series was information for admins, but what about the end users experience?

Quarantine Reports – Every user on SecurityGateway has their own personal quarantine. Emails in the user’s quarantine can be emails that were flagged as spam but were not rejected, emails with certain types of attachments that the admin has chosen to quarantine (rather than reject outright), emails that have failed certain security lookups (SPF, DKIM), or maybe the email triggered a content filter rule created by an admin that is set to quarantine emails. Allowing users to manage their own quarantine leaves the admin to spend their time on more important tasks.
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