Moving an SSL Certificate to a New Server

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Not PrivateMoving MDaemon to a new machine is a straight forward procedure that we help with quite a lot. Unfortunately, admins often forget about moving their existing SSL certificate in Windows from the old machine to the new machine. This forces them to either re-download the required files from the Certificate Authority web site that it was originally purchased from, or create a new self-signed certificate in MDaemon from scratch.

If you’re dealing with the latter scenario you may experience connectivity issues with accounts configured to use SSL until the newly created self-signed certificate has been trusted/installed on the user’s workstations and mobile devices. From a Support standpoint, this could potentially mean a lot of unexpected hands-on time required with the clients mobile devices and computers.

To avoid these potential headaches and unnecessary support calls; we suggest you plan to move the certificate to the new machine. It’s an easy procedure (15 minutes to complete) that makes the transition to new hardware that much smoother.

We’ve written a help document explaining this process in a step-by-step fashion, linked below for your review. Take a look!