SecurityGateway for Email Servers – Part I – Getting Started

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What is SecurityGateway for Email Servers?ccgeek_SecurityGateway_boxshot_tm
SecurityGateway for Email Servers, developed by Alt-N Technologies (creators of MDaemon!), is a Windows based software solution that provides a robust  front line defense against spam/viruses/phishing emails before they reach the users on the back end email server.

Why would you need a product like SecurityGateway?
The benefits are many, here are just a few!

  1. On busy email servers SecurityGateway will help lessen the load of the email server that users are connecting to. SecurityGateway will do all the heavy duty work of filtering emails before they reach the email server. Your email server can then concentrate on what it does best – processing requests from your users! Such as sending/receiving email, creating appointments, tasks, notes, sync’ing mobile devices, maintaining shared data, mailing lists, etc.
  2. Easy to read detailed ‘clickable’ colour-coded logs and reports. Not all email server logging is equal! SecurityGateway’s logging and the ability to search logs through a web based interface makes diagnosing delivery problems a cinch.
  3. Will help reduce admin overhead of dealing with spam. A default installation of SecurityGateway will reject blatant spam. Other emails that are suspected of being spam get sent to the user’s personal quarantine. An email notification gets sent out to the user informing them what emails they have in their quarantine. Users can release emails from their own quarantine, delete emails, or whitelist/blacklist the sender’s email address. Each user can deal with their own spam!
  4. Less expensive than other similar solutions. A recent review from a security expert in the UK found that SecurityGateway caught more spam messages than a similar product from Barracuda at half the cost. The full review can be read here.
  5. You are happy with the functionality provided to your users by the email server, but find the security features lacking or missing altogether.

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